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Impossible Challenge | Pranks and Fails | Best Funny Videos


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Impossible Challenge | Pranks and Fails | Best Funny Videos

Why Can’t People Resist the Urge to Play Cooking Games?


Over the last few years cooking games have become increasingly popular. Despite the introduction of new video games, gadgets, and gaming systems, the urge to play cooking games has not withered away and become a thing of the past.  With hundreds to choose from, a wide range of individuals plays these basic, user-friendly games.

Why Have Cooking Games Remained So Popular?

Part of the popularity may be attributed to the fact that cooking games appeal to people of all ages including men, women, and children.  The games are bright, colorful, and quickly catch the users' eye.  The subject matter is composed of prepping, cooking, baking, and serving food. Since most people love food, the idea of playing a game that merges their imagination, creativity, and cooking skills is almost irresistible to most. Combine all that with the fact that you can access them on almost any computer, tablet, or phone and you begin to find a recipe for success.

Why Do Children and Their Parents Love Playing Cooking Games?


  • Children enjoy playing cooking games, because they allow them to use their imagination to concoct food creations.  They are also given the chance to learn about new foods and develop cooking skills in a fun and innovative way.  Cooking games boost their confidence, gives them a sense of accomplishment, and develops their computer and technology skills.


  • Parents like cooking games, because it gives them the opportunity to bond with their child as they play and learn at the same time. Parents also get to watch as their child develops math and reading skills, fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, learn how to follow a recipe and directions, and gain exposure to cooking concepts. Cooking games are non-violent, and do not contain graphic language or images, which make them highly suitable for children.

Why Cooking Games Appeal To Women.

Women tend to like video games that are easy to learn and simple to play.  Many women aren’t looking for over the top graphics, games that involve puzzling details, or anything too violent.  Women that fit this description often want a game that relaxes their mind, passes time and doesn’t require too much thinking.

Why Some Men Like Cooking Games

Men are typically thought to play masculine games that involve violent themes such as shooting, killing, stealing, etc. However, with the expanding popularity of cooking games men are getting drawn in too.  With such a wide range of cooking games, there is one that fits almost anyone’s needs. Men can use cooking games to improve their skills in the kitchen, learn new recipes, or just to relax and have fun.

The appeal of online cooking games doesn’t seem to be vanishing anytime soon. This is in part, due to the fact that they grab the interest of a diverse crowd. Cooking games allow adults the opportunity to feel like a kid again, while making the children that play them feel like an adult.